Who is eligible for CaptionMate? »

CaptionMate is available free to anyone with hearing loss who wants to use their own voice to talk on the phone, but needs the assistance of captions to understand the other party.

How much does CaptionMate cost? »

The CaptionMate app is 100% free to download and to use for any consumer with hearing loss. The cost of captioning each Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone call is paid for by a fund administered by the FCC.

What devices does CaptionMate work on? »

CaptionMate works with almost any internet connected screen including mobile phones (both iOS and Droid), Tablets (both iOS and Droid), computers, and landline phones. The CaptionMate app is compatible with iOS version 12 and above and Android version 5.0 and above.

Can I make and receive calls through CaptionMate? »

Yes, CaptionMate is the functional equivalent of a standard phone call and allows the user to both make and receive captioned phone calls.

Is my call confidential? »

Yes, CaptionMate offers total privacy and security. CaptionMate has eliminated the need for a CA (Captioning Assistant) or Transcriptionist giving you the freedom and true functional equivalency you deserve. Speak freely and openly to your friends and loved ones without that awkward third-party operator on the line. CaptionMate uses ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) coupled with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to turn words into captions.

Although CaptionMate uses ASR to caption your speech, the ASR engine DOES NOT store or otherwise keep any record of your speech or transcription after the call is ended.

Does CaptionMate give me a free phone? »

No, is a free app that is downloaded from the APP or Play stores and runs on your own smartphone or tablet. CaptionMate can also be used with an existing landline telephone and an internet connected computer. To learn how to make a call with your landline phone and computer click here: https://youtu.be/Qc3IlufRNC8

Do I need WiFi to use CaptionMate? »

CaptionMate works on both WiFi as well as the cellular/data service on your smartphone or tablet. You do not need WiFi but you will need a cellular/data plan if you aren’t on WiFi.

Is CaptionMate available in different languages? »

Yes, CaptionMate is available more than 100 languages including English, French, Spanish, German and many more. You can set the appropriate language(s) in the “Settings” menu. For a step by step tutorial on how to change and use different languages on CaptionMate click here: Customizing the App For Your Needs

Your language for the call can also be changed during the call itself, by using the language dropdown at the top of the captioning page.

My vision is not great, will I be able to read CaptionMate? »

Yes, CaptionMate allows the user to customize the size of the font and the background color to your specific needs. For step by step instructions on how to change the font size and background colors click here: Customizing the App For Your Needs

How can I improve the accuracy of the transcription? »

If the person you are speaking to is in a noisy environment or is not being captured accurately, it's possible that they are speaking on "speaker" mode. Ask them to take themselves off of speaker and hold the phone to their face.

Can I read both sides of the conversation? »

Yes, CaptionMate allows you to read both what you say as well as what the other person says so you see the entire conversation, not just one side of it. This is extremely important after the call has finished if you are viewing the saved transcription as without this feature you would only be able to read one side of the conversation.

What is Captionmate Simulcast? »

What is Captionmate Simulcast? Simulcast = Simul(taneous) + (web)cast: CaptionMate allows you to view the captions on multiple devices at the same time and it allows you to share the captioning stream live in real time if you choose. See this link for more information: How to Simulcast

Can I review the transcript of the conversation after the call has ended? »

Yes, CaptionMate automatically saves the transcript of each call for you on the device that the call was initiated or received on, no where else. To learn to view your saved transcripts click here: View your saved transcripts

My new Fitbit Watch caused CaptionMate to stop working on my Android phone. »

If your new Fitbit watch caused CaptionMate to stop working simply reboot/restart your Android phone and it should start working again.

I get a busy signal when I try to make an outgoing call; what's wrong? »

There are several possibilities: 1) You might be trying to make an outgoing call with a phone that is not registered as an "authorized phone" in our profile, or 2) you make have your caller id feature blocked on your phone, or you might a forwarded number to a different IPCTS provider.

  1. You can have multiple mobile devices on the same CaptionMate account. However, you can only make calls from one of your "Authorized" phones, which can be found on your profile.
  2. Some users have Caller ID blocked on their mobile phones. Unfortunately, CaptionMate will not work with this feature enabled.
  3. If your cell phone number is already forwarded to a different provider (e.g., RogerVoice), CaptionMate will not be able to make calls. Please try un-forwarding your number.

I can't figure out how to make a call »

We have two easy videos that will show you how to make a call; just click on the appropriate link below: